GA Kids – Little Warriors Roll-A-Thon

The only ASJJF sanctioned event in Singapore, and the only Kids-only, dedicated to the future of the sport.
Welcome to the Little Warriors ROLL-A-THON by Grapple Asia.
Sept 15th will be the first kids-only event in Singapore sanctioned by the Asian Sport Jiu Jitsu Federation, steered towards the goal of ensuring future growth of the sport.
A prelude to an exciting kids jiujitsu circuit to come in 2019, the Little Warriors ROLL-A-THON is designed to promote the spirit of healthy competition and personal growth among the young ones.
We envision a world where every child has a minimum threshold of jiu jitsu knowledge, paving the way for future generations of mindful and tenacious little warriors.
#jiujitsuforever #rollwithit
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