GA Summer Slam X White & Blue

Venue: City Square Mall

Welcome to GrappleAsia Summer Slam, the first White & Blue belt tournament sanctioned by the Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation. Together with Grapple Asia, the goal is to elevate and set the standard for competition in Asia.
Here's something we thought you should know - Our next event announcements are designed to get all of us prepared for 2019.
We have two Jiu Jitsu events, two ADCC events, and a Kid’s circuit planned. Our event in March 2018 featured about 500 registrants, and in 2019 we are expecting a whole new level of competition.
Take advantage of this time, to wrap up the year with your team rank on high, and get tournament seeded for 2019.
Divisions available for this event in August include Male, Female, Juvenile & Advanced Kids.
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