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    The Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) is our organizing partner for our Dumau events. Since its inception in 2013, the mission of the SJJIF has been to make Jiu Jitsu an Olympic Sport. By formulating one set of rules, the SJJIF has helped unify existing federations by creating high quality and reliable competitions internationally. It aims to expand its goal of unifying existing federations and transition the sport to Olympic standards that embody the Olympic spirit.


    Learn more about the SJJIF here: http://asjjf.org/history-sjjif.html



    Distinct Differences In The Dumau Rule Set


    1) Scoring

    • No advantages are present in the Dumau rule set.
    • In the event of a draw, a sudden death overtime period will commence, i.e first person to score wins.
    • During this period the referee may restart the match with competitors standing at his discretion.
    • The only time a referee decision takes place is in the event of both athletes retiring due to injury.

    2) Penalties and fouls

    • Penalties are -1 points.
    • Penalties are awarded due to fouls in this manner:
    • 1st foul: Warning.
    • 2nd and 3rd foul: -1 point
    • 4th foul: DQ
    • Fouls are cumulative, e.g: committing two different fouls still gets you a warning and -1 point.
    • Stalling is 15 seconds instead of 20 seconds.

    3) Takedowns

    • No stabilization period is required for a take down to count (e.g. Two foot sweeps, back to back, with no ground control amounts to 4 points).
    • Scissor take downs are allowed at Brown and Black belt.
    • Take down points are awarded even if they are completed in the security mat area (as long as the athlete performing it began with both feet in the competition area).
    • Getting taken down while on one knee still results in you conceding points.
    • If a take down is followed immediately by a sweep (with 3 seconds stabilization), the take down points are still awarded.

    4) Knee on Belly

    • Points for knee on belly are only awarded if the athlete postures up.


    5) Double guard pull

    • First competitor to come out on top after a double guard pull gets 2 points.


    6) Sweeps

    • If you get swept while attempting a submission (e.g ankle lock while in closed guard), you still concede points.
    • If you fall over while in the process of passing guard, and your opponent gets on top, you concede sweep points.

    7) Back control

    • Back points will still be awarded if you cross your feet or establish a body triangle (while being square to your opponent).
    • Back points are still awarded if one arm is trapped (e.g: Bow and arrow position).

    8) Illegal techniques

    • White belts can jump guard.
    • You can shoot a single leg take down with the head on the outside. Your opponent can attempt to dump you with a sumi-gaeshi.
    • Wrist locks are legal at all levels.

    9) Escaping submissions

    • If you go out of bounds while escaping a submission, you concede 2 points.
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