Shinya Kakita

    Referee Committee Head

    BJJ Rank: Black Belt

    Shinya is a Jiu Jitsu coach and family man. Despite training several times a day, he claims to have a beer belly. Shinya has a very cute son who cheers him on in competitions so do keep a look out for him.

    Maher Aseeri

    Referee Committee Head

    BJJ Rank: Brown Belt

    Maher is a programmer by day and enjoys pyjama rolling at night with his friends. Although he is a very experienced brown belt, he claims to still not know how to berimbolo. Maher’s notable achievements include climbing Mount Fuji in the middle of a cold November night (not proven yet as he still has not shown us any pictures) and not needed surgery despite popping both his knees and one shoulder. Maher is also a black belt in Karate and Toad-Style Kung Fu.

    Arthur Andre

    Head of Ops, Singapore

    BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

    Arthur is an engineer and amateur MMA fighter. Having backgrounds in Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing, Arthur is a prominent figure in the local competition scene (probably also because of his good looks) and has racked up a handful of MMA and Boxing fights as well as medals in regional Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

    Ron Phipps

    Visual Content Manager

    BJJ Rank: White Belt

    Ron is our guy behind the camera; capturing all the action so that you can post those videos/pictures on Instagram.

    Alex Patterson

    Creative Director

    BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

    Alex enjoys both gi and no gi training but what he truly loves is when he gets to punch people in the face when rolling. An avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts, Alex feels that grappling is much more interesting when striking is involved and goes for MMA classes to fuel his thirst for blood (warning: keep that in mind when rolling with him).

    Azimah Azmi

    Creative, Digital Design

    BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

    Azimah is a certified and licensed GMB fitness trainer specializing in movement. She is also a Women's Physique and Powerlifting national champion. Azimah may be a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu but her true power lies in her RBF. It is so intimidating that even seasoned competitors are afraid of her.

    Sabila Rasyida

    Creative, Social Media

    BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

    Sabila is an I.T. professional and Jiu Jitsu competitor. Her favourite past time activities include playing with her pet cat and throwing guys in training. Sabila also dabbles in Boxing and Kickboxing so you might not want to mess with her.

    Bo Teng

    Operations Assistant

    BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

    Apart from Jiu Jitsu, Bo Teng is an avid Judoka. His favourite submissions are the triangle choke, the triangle choke and the triangle choke. Bo Teng enjoys a game of soccer as well but claims to be terrible at it - which is why he decided to focus on grappling instead.

    Jack Loy


    BJJ Rank: White Belt

    One of Jack's biggest passions in life is eating good food. Apart from eating, Jack's other interests include Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Kickboxing.

    Derrick Fonsah


    BJJ Rank: Purple Belt

    Derrick is the man behind the show; hustling behind the scenes since the humble beginnings of Grapple Asia. Fun fact - Derrick is more fluent in Mandarin than all of the Chinese guys in the Grapple Asia team.


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