Jacky Wang

CSO – Chief Strategy Officer

BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

Thinker, planner, strategy guy, investor, startup and blockchain tech enthusiast... and a great people-person all around.

Derrick Fonsah

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

BJJ Rank: Purple Belt

A visionary. People person. And both a dreamer and a doer. A rare combination of what it really takes to be a C-suite title.

Alexander Patterson

CCO – Chief Creative Officer

BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

With an agency background that spans 20 years, Alexander leads the Creative Department, driving media and content.

Erik Moens

CIO – Chief Investment Officer

BJJ Rank: Unranked

Erik is the numbers guy. A banker by trade, he's a strong communicator and analytical thinker, a sports fanatic and amateur guitarist.

Kevin Yong

CFO – Chief Finance Officer

BJJ Rank: Unranked (Catch Wrestler)

Formally trained as an economist, Kevin also works in the energy sector. He's enthusiastic about fitness, golf and current affairs, in addition to grappling. He's currently adjusting to the demands of fatherhood.

Shinya Kakita

Referee Committee Head

BJJ Rank: Black Belt

Shinya leads the Referee Committee and is also President of ADCC Singapore. He’s a full-time Jiu-Jitsu coach, husband, dad and an active competitor too.

Arthur Andre

Head of Ops, Singapore

BJJ Rank: Purple Belt

Arthur is an engineer and amateur MMA fighter, with a background in Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Kickboxing. He's racked up a handful of MMA and Boxing fights wins, as well as medaled in regional Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

Maher Aseeri

Tournament Director

BJJ Rank: Brown Belt

Maher holds a Brown Belt in Ju-Jitsu, a Black Belt in Karate and Toad-Style Kung Fu. His grappling approach is cerebral and technical. He is tasked with leading tournaments.

Ron Phipps

Visual Content Manager

BJJ Rank: White Belt

At events, Ron is guy behind the camera. If you've seen it streaming live, or played it on video, chances are, he shot it. On the mats, Ron is primarily a no-gi practitioner.

Andrew Yap

Art Director

BJJ Rank: Purple Belt

Andrew is a multimedia artist and art-based creative. He has lead numerous brand direction initiatives and is also co-founder of Attila Lifestyle gis, an independent gi company.

Azimah Azmi

Creative, Digital Design

BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

Certified and licensed GMB fitness trainer, specializing in movement, Azimah is the Women's Physique and Powerlifting national champion. She currently lives and works in Thailand.

Jack Loy


BJJ Rank: White Belt

One of Jack's biggest passions in life is eating good food. Apart from eating, Jack's other interests include Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Kickboxing. He's also a coral belt in online gaming.

Ruban Kumar

Head Photographer, Photo Unit

BJJ Rank: White Belt

A true tech geek at heart, Ruban leads the Photo Unit, driving at times a large number of photographers to capture all the grappling action on the mats.

Bo Teng

Operations Assistant

BJJ Rank: Blue Belt

Bo Teng is a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, Judoka and Soccer player... with a nasty triangle choke game.

Brendan Foong

Tournament Advisor

BJJ Rank: Black Belt

A family man, business man, and the program director of The Gentle Art Academy. Brendan lends his knowledge operating one of the most successful children's programs in Singapore to help build Grapple Asia.